This web player is the result of hours of playing around with the idea of making a web application fit for the listener who wishes a no-frills way of tuning in to DLSU's Official Radio Station, Green Giant FM. We have eliminated the need for external applications with our web player, so you just need a browser to tune in! On mobile, you can switch to other apps/turn off the screen and the player will continue playing.

Privacy Policy

We try to provide the best experience possible, and part of that includes gathering analytics for the web application and for the station management. By continuing to use our application, you consent to Google Analytics (GA) tags on the websites tracking your visits anonymously. You may opt out from Google Analytics through this plug-in from Google.

By listening to our stream, you consent to us gathering non-identifiable data that we cannot trace to the user such as location (only accurate down to the city, e.g. Manila) and listening status. This information is given to our DJs in real time for interaction purposes.

As part of server housekeeping, we run server logs that inform us on the general status of our equipment. It is unavoidable that the logs would contain your IP Address, as well as information on you accessing our pages. Keeping in mind that we have your privacy and security in mind, we purge our server logs once a week in order to not keep unnecessary data of our users.


You should totally add volume controls for <my device>! Unfortunately not all browsers support controlling the volume from the browser (e.g. iOS). We have volume controls, but they automatically disable if they're not supported.

I want to listen to Green Giant FM, but on my own player Not a problem. Just use these links on your player of choice:
stream.greengiantfm.com/stream.ogg (ogg) or
stream.greengiantfm.com/stream (mp3)

I want to request a song or talk to the DJs! How do I do that? Tweet to us! @GreenGiantFM, or get in touch through the links below.

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